Top 5 Rated Laser Rangefinders For Business Golf

Best Golf rangefinders are developed to enhance your golf game by supplying accurate range readings to things on the course. They use an eye safe laser to target a things and after that measure the time it takes for the laser to bounce off the things and return to the rangefinder.

There are many various designs with different functions and quality levels on the marketplace. In this article we’ll provide mini-reviews for the top 5 laser rangefinders.

Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Tournament

A premium laser rangefinder from among the world top optical device producers. The 1500 competition edition offers variety readings from 5 to 1,500 lawns at an accuracy of + or – one backyard.

This is a crucial function, given that getting a precise lock on the flagstick from longer yardages is among the toughest functions for a laser rangefinder.

This rangefinder features Bushnell’s trademarked PinSeeker innovation enables simple targeting of the flag while avoiding the possibility of capturing background targets. When more that one things is targeted the more detailed will read.

The Pinseeker 1500 has a 7x magnification monocular for viewing your target. This is one of the highest magnification levels offered

Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Slope

” Slope” permits you to compute distances with special compensation for uphill or downhill targets. This can make a huge distinction in club choice and using a slope edition laser rangefinder can enable you to dial in far more properly than a routine rangefinder.

The PinSeeker 1500 Slope edition is exactly the like the 1500 competition edition with the exception of the added slope performance.

However, ensure that you know that any scores shot with the PinSeeker 1500 Slope edition rangefinder can not be used for handicap functions, and it will not be allowed in any tournament play.

Callaway Rangefinder LR1200

The LR1200 claims has actually been targeted to professional tournament caddies, and it the flagship of the Callaway rangefinder designs. Rangefinders are not permitted usage in expert tournaments however caddies use them thoroughly to map courses before any tournaments.

This top of the market rangefinder was developed by two huge sporting companies. To guarantee a precise yardage device, Callaway has accredited the optical innovation for this laser rangefinder from Nikon.

Besides the ultra high quality optics supplied by Nikon, the most notable feature for the Callaway LR1200 is:

First Target Priority Mode – shows the variety to the closest target amongst several outcomes obtained with a single measurement. This is designed to increase accuracy when intending at a pin with a background of trees, something that can be an issue for unsophisticated rangefinders.

Callaway and Nikon’s LR1200 is designed to be the finest rangefinder on the marketplace, deserving of it’s billing as the “Official rangefinder of the PGA of America.”

Leupold GX-I Rangefinder Pinhunter

A tournament and handicap legal playing golf rangefinder from optical device company Leupold. Not remarkable, it offers all the anticipated performance at a sensible price.

2 leading features found in the GX-I are:

Pinhunter – technology to make taking yardage readings off of the flag a lot easier.
Scan Mode – offers yardages of any objects in the viewfinder as you scan throughout the course.
Provided Leupold’s great name and experience, anticipate the optical quality to be high. Pinhunter innovation is a great feature for an entry level laser rangefinder.

Leupold GX-II Rangefinder Pinhunter

A high-end rangefinder for the severe golf player, the GX-II is the sophisticated variation of the GX-I rangefinder from Leupold. It has many innovative functions, including slope calculations to give exact ranges on uphill or downhill holes; sadly these advantages make it legal just for practice rounds.

Premium features consist of:

Inclinometer & True Golf Range (TGR) – The Leupold GX( TM)- II compensates for uphill shots that play long and downhill shots that play brief.
Club Selector – Factoring your specific striking range, instantly suggests the suitable club for each shot
Temperature & Altitude – has settings for factoring temp and alt, to ensure the supreme in precision of your shots. (Input of temperature and alt is manual.).
The function set is unrivaled in a rangefinder. No other golf player’s range device on the market provides temperature level calibration and pin choice.

These are the top laser rangefinders on the market. They are all extremely high quality devices and any would be an excellent help for any golfer. When purchasing a laser rangefinder, not all are tournament legal or legal for usage in handicap rounds, so make certain that you are purchasing one that fits your requirements.

Keep in mind: as with the Bushnell 1500 Slope edition, the Leupold GX-II is illegal for use in rounds which will be sent for handicap or in any competition play.

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